Online bidding

Unique! Transparency for the buyer and seller with 'Online bidding'.

It makes sense that you would want to be informed as soon as possible when a bid is made on your home, right? It seems logical, but it's not that logical. You depend on the real estate agent and when he or she has time to relay the bid made on your home to you. At Hier Makelaars, this "delay" is a thing of the past. We want transparency for you as a seller and for your prospective buyer and offer the opportunity for the prospective buyer to make an online bid on your home. An offer can thus be made in four easy steps. This makes making an offer child's play. The bid can be made through our website using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Quick and simple.....

Once the prospective buyer has made an offer on your home, you as the seller will receive an email notification from Hier Makelaars with a summary of the bid made. As a result, you are immediately and fully informed of the amount bid and the conditions under which the bidder made the offer.

So when the broker from Hier Makelaars subsequently contacts you to discuss the bid, you are already fully informed of the content of the bid!

Lower threshold and complete

Since 2009, we have offered prospective buyers the opportunity to make an online bid. In practice, this has proven to be a success in recent years, making it easy for the prospective buyer to bid online. We have since further developed and improved this option. Thus, before making an offer on our website, potential buyers can immediately download all documents relevant to the prospective buyer, such as the cadastral data, the movable property list, the questionnaire and, in the case of apartment rights, all the documents of the owners' association. Thus, the bidder is fully informed if he wants to make an offer without any delay and without intervention of our staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Short lines

Once the bid is made, we will contact the prospective buyer within 24 hours to discuss that bid, including weekends! We will then contact you to discuss the offer and advise you on the next steps to take. When we call you to inform you, you will already be fully informed about the bid!

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We are very happy to help you purchase your dream home!